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What is the Take-Off Calculator?

The Take-Off Calculator (TOC) is an easy to use utility program, designed to reduce mathematical errors and increase the speed of everyday blueprint take-off calculations. It calculates the exact linear and square footage totals for all the components in a HVAC Mechanical duct system. You should find this a very useful and easy to use tool, mastering it within a few minutes.

What can it do for you?

All types of system components can be calculated including rectangular and round ductwork, HVAC units, VAV boxes and even one-sided panels for unusual configurations. Optionally, take-off data can be quickly gathered in the field using without ever having to remove blueprints from the customer's location. These calculations can then be used to determine productivity movements for production crews, exact amounts of coatings or treatments to apply to interior surfaces or how much replacement liner to ord er for an air handler being completely restored.